Typography Revisit

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 7.54.13 PM

I am revisiting some typography project I did in my second year of college. The two projects are my “Menu” and my “Conference”. I wanted to extend my Menu, and fix a few things on my Conference. I thought it was going to be easy fixing them, I thought wrong.

The easiest one was my Conference. I knew some of the things that I did wrong with my type, like setting rules for my type and not keeping it consistent, and not setting tabs properly. I thought this was all I was going to fix. After I kept looking at it I realized I should do more. So I kept working on it and I have now limited the colour palette from blue, green, grey, white and orange to excluding orange. I fixed everything, brochure, front cover, website, and banner. This was not the plan. But I’m so much happier with this project now that I have spent more time with it.

My Menu on the other hand, has been SUPER lovely to work with. I thought I could just fix up the brandmark I created and extend my design to other items the restaurant would use. I started with fixing the brandmark. I have been struggling with the branding and I have made multiple different versions and nothing looks right. From struggling with this part so much I decided on sticking with something for now, and going back later. I have extended this branding that I’m not a fan of to coasters, a reservations book cover, and a business card. I’m going to also apply it to a uniform for the chefs and the waiters. I have been waiting to apply it because my creativity has been drying up from the brandmark I have made.

I need to get some fresh perspective. This week I have plans to get new eyes on what I have been doing. I hope this will help.

For all my readers out their I would like to know about how you get out of creative block? Or how you find new perspective so I can try some new ways. Please comment below.