Holiday Fever Already?

I’m already buying wrapping paper and oohhhing and ayyying at Christmas decorations. I’m already finding it hard not to buy things for others, just because. I can’t wait to rip into that paper and tape, and get to work wrapping all my gifts I’ll be putting under the tree for my family.

I find it possibly a bit ridiculous on how much time and money we spend on finding the perfect gift for someone. I know its only the beginning of November and I’m already in that daze. Why do we ALWAYS find it necessary to look and find something that is ‘perfect’ for someone, when in reality their just going to be opening a bunch of other ‘perfect’ gifts from other people as well.

We have become obsessed with putting a price tag on Christmas. Although it has always come with a price tag why are we always founding over a number? In this article that I found┬áit says that us Canadians will be having a ‘frugal Christmas’. I had to look this up to find out what it meant and it said careful, prudent, stingy, and thrifty. This wording makes me believe others need this price tag to make the day worth while.

Yes people can and should be careful with their spending (as I am reminded by my mother every year). But that isn’t what Christmas is about. Yes, once upon a time all I cared about was getting toys. But Christmas memories fade and I don’t remember exactly what I got, in fact now, I forget what I get pretty quickly. For me it’s about seeing my family, spending time with them, playing in the snow (yes I am an adult), baking with my mom, and staying up late and watching christmas movies with my family. It has always kept a special place in my heart to know that, this one time of year I will see my family, maybe not everyone in my extended family but I at least get to see some of them.

That is what Christmas is about for me.