Survival in College

Everyone has their own experiences, and their own opinions about college. Today I would like to share my experiences with you. I’m in my last year of college (out of three), and sometimes it seems like the days drag on and others seem to fly by. Everyone has his or her own struggles.

When I first moved into residence for school, no one told me anything to expect or anything I should do. Theirs a lot of people who have told me after my first year in college that I should get to know the people I live with. I’ll let you know I’ve kept pretty quite and I have done just fine. I have a few friends from residence, but mostly friends from my program.

I was told to go to class. Of course you would go to class right? ALOT of people don’t, you miss a lot when you miss a class. Remember to go, not only because you’re now paying for your education, but also because you should enjoy it, to a certain degree. Don’t forget to use the college services. Almost everyone who pays tuition pays into these services; and they are there to help you.

The last thing I’m going to mention today, that I didn’t think was something I really needed to but I read it from this website. It is number 25 BE PREPARED TO FEEL OVERWHELMED. This has to be one of the most important things that I thought was common knowledge. You NEED to get a good night sleep at some point to refuel. You NEED to figure out an organization system that helps you get things handed in on time. You will most likely have to deal with a lot of stuff in your life all happening at once. This is a something that cannot be ignored because as I’m writing this today, after being in my third year, I still struggle with this.

I could go on all day about things you need to survive college, but those are my top 3. I hope I helped someone with my words of wisdom, and if I missed something or if you have any questions don’t be afraid to add a comment down below. Thank you all so much!


Time Management

Every morning I wake up and think “what do I have to do today?”. Every now and then I get to say nothing. Sometimes I don’t have to look at the calendar, my planner, or even my sticky notes that are all over the place to know what has to get finished in my day.

As you can probably tell I’m the type of person that is always rushing around, needing to finish something, or tries to get ahead. Although I am a very organized person and know I think of things well in advance, my planning never seems to work. I talk to someone too long, or I go out with friends when I should have finished something for school.

I found my problem is that I only manage and plan my homework that needs to get done for that day, then for the week. I plan around when I work, and try not to do homework on days I work; but here I am writing this at 9:30am on Sunday (blog post is due Monday by 9:30) and I work today at 2pm. So as you can see my organizational system is flawed.

I recently have been trying to get my management system to be better but it doesn’t seem to be looking any better. So I went and found someone to help me. I found this article called, How to Manage Time with 10 Tips That Work. Now these writers seem to have it figured out. They tell us to plan for everything. To plan for interruptions, for conversations that will take forever, and to plan a time to check your e-mail (hopefully not just before you go to bed).

As a student trying to make it as a designer, and wants to be business management material, this is a skill set that I do have, but needs improvement. I believe everyone always has improvement for something somewhere. I now have found one thing, and I will be working on it.