Reflections for this semester!

At the beginning of this semester; that is soon coming to a close, I had almost every professor telling our class to find a way to get our names out there, into the world. They told us we should find a way to get ‘know’ before we graduate from third year. I thought of blogging and that it might be fun. I used to write in a journal and thought it could be almost the same idea. So I thought why not?

My only thought about posting and publishing my blog was “People are actually going to read this, wow”. From thinking this I got a little scared that I’d offend someone or that I would be terrible at writing them. But you never know until you try.

I believe blogging has helped me with many things. It has helped me with my writing, engagement with the public, and most of all development of my online profile. The most valuable thing that I took from blogging is that your can’t be scared to share your opinion on a topic, even if others don’t see it your way, you have a chance to show your opinion matters. My most challenging part of blogging was grammar and spelling. I have never been good at writing and it doesn’t come easy for me. But if I just sit down and get to it, I can do it.

I would like to keep blogging to keep up my writing skills and online profile, but I wont keep this blog. From learning how to code this year I’d like to code and make my own and create a website with my portfolio on it as well.

It has been a blast and I will write one more blog to share my website that I will be putting up around September sometime with my works, and my thoughts. Thank you everyone for taking time and reading what I have to say. Will keep in touch!