HeadStart Panel from RGD

Tonight while poking around the web I found myself on the RGD website. Lately in school it has been getting very full with work and I have been trying to get out ideas and sometimes they come easy and others I have to spend a while on. From these experiences I went to their video section and saw this video it is a HeadStart Panel called “How creative people arrive at ideas”.

When I saw this video it was very appealing from school but also because I wanted to attend this event but wasn’t able to go. So I was very happy to watch this segment of the event. I have always been very interested in how people who are designers work with shorter deadlines and how they manage with their process.

What I found from watching the video was most people do their brainstorming and ideation sections of design work very similar. How I am being taught in school right now is the actual way most designers do it (can you imagine that, something useful from school!). Vince Galante said “the part nobody really sees is having a mindset where your constantly thinking, and your constantly making yourself open to wild thoughts; that maybe carefree. Nothing comes from nothing.” I thought that was great to hear because I’m always hearing from my professors that we need to keep everything keep everything in a sketchbook, never throw anything out. This really picked at my mind because I’m always sketching too many ideas for one project and think ‘am I ever going to use this again’. Now I’m thinking I just might.

I found listening to this video was great because even if I knew some of this stuff it was awesome to hear from working designers and knowing this is what they stick to, and this is how they do things was worthwhile. I hope to start attending these conferences and I hope to do them more next year. 


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