Accessibility Research Project

For the past 3 weeks in my Design Layout class we’ve been doing a project on fixing accessibility problems within our school. We were to get into groups of 4 and only Empathize, and define the problem. After this was done we had to share our findings and problem with our class and a few lucky guests. My group picked fixing the labels in the cafeteria.


Now, the cafeteria does have good information, but not a lot of people were able to find this information. This was the big problem for us. So we researched regulations we had to follow with making of the labels, we interviewed the operations manager of the cafeteria, and did surveys and polls of students and staff members of the college. We wanted to know how many people had allergies and to what, what type of dietary needs they had, any accessibility issues, and generally what they wanted to know about their food.

We ended up finding out that quite a few people have allergies, dietary concerns, accessibility issues and really do want to know what is in their food. So at the beginning of this week we had to start individually deciding on how to solve the problem. I decided to go with making a simple system on the packages so it is minimal, and you can still see the food, and easy for people to understand. Also, I’ll be designing an app for your phone so you can plan your meal and get all the information, even the stuff you cannot always put on a label.

This was a project with a short deadline with a lot of work to do. Due to it being so short, I am SO happy to say that I had a great group. Our group made a contract, added an additional day that we would have a meeting, look at work, and see where we were and assigned homework to each other. I was pretty surprised to see that our group got everything done on time and we were there for each other through the whole process without and problems.

In conclusion, I believe this is going to be a great project, with a few hard parts but its nothing I can’t fix. So I would like to leave you with a question, what are things you would like to see on a label or an app? 


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