Logo Design

Lately I have found myself in unfamiliar territory. I find it very refreshing and pretty awesome. Its not the usual poster designs I’ve become accustom to. I’ve been thinking about logos.

There are so many important things about logos. They hold the essence and values of the company within a very (usually) small picture, emblem, word or font. I find that all the design of the logo carries so much meaning for such a small element.

Lately in design and history, you can see that the logo has become very simple. This brings me to very important question “How does so little design, say so much”.  I found this website www.creativeblog.com with 3 different articles that I thought were pretty great. Classical music branding finds harmony between traditional and modern, The biggest logo redesigns of 2014 so far, and The definitive guide to logo design: 50 pro tips.

The first one “Classical music branding finds harmony between traditional and modern” shows a beautiful redesign or an older company.  The colours are beautiful and the custom font just works so well to create the values of the company.

The second one “The biggest logo redesigns of 2014 so far” caught me off guard. I had no idea that bigger companies had changed their logos already this year. When I saw Black and Deckers new logo I couldn’t believe they got rid of the hexagon and aren’t exactly sticking with there bright orange, it now looks more like an orange-red colour.blackdecker

The third one “The definitive guide to logo design: 50 pro tips” made me want to send the link to my branding teacher. My favourite tip has to be number three “Keep all your sketches”. It is VERY true what they say there to never throw them out because you can always go back to the first ideas and there always good for something.

From the articles that I read, and from the information I’ve been getting in my Branding class, I’m starting to see how complicated the thought process is, and how much work goes into just one logo. Where usually people don’t pay to much attention to it. But when you go through them all you wont believe what you actually remember and process.

I’d like to leave you with a question to get you all thinking as I have about logo design (and would provide me with some good information). What makes a great logo design? And why?


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