3 Design Blogs that I found Inspirational

Today is about finding inspiration. As you all know I am very new to this and was looking for inspiration for what to do with my Blog, and how to do it. After many hours searching and looking at so many, there were three that really stuck out at me. They are Illustrated Bites,  Monkey Works, and Beautiful Hello

Illustrated Bites was the first one I came across that caught my eye. This was because of her use of typography in her latest post “Big News & Comfort Food“. The other reason is I love cooking and baking. She combined two of the things I love the most; Design, and Cooking. I liked how she posted her works and mostly let her works tell what she wants to say. 


Monkey Works made me laugh. I liked a lot of the illustrations and that they weren’t just drawings; he made them come alive. I liked that he doesn’t have to show every detail or the entire subject to make it realistic, cartoony, and alive all at once. The two posts I first saw this were Elf Life, and It’s A Wonderful Life


Beautiful Hello wowed me with her Blog name design. I love all of her oil paintings that I have seen so far. I like everything about her blog, how she writes, and challenges herself. I really liked how she shares her own thoughts, and insights and connects them to others that are creative, design, and make art. One of my favourite posts was “10 things being an artist taught me in 2013“. My favourite piece of advice was number ten – Spending your days creating beauty is highly worthwhile, not only for yourself, but for every person your creativity reaches.


All three of these blogs are very inspirational to me. It’s not always easy to show your works to others, but writing about them and sharing is great and an amazing skill. What I got from these three bloggers is to engage readers with your works, writing, and life. When you do those things, you become a bigger part of others lives, thoughts, and knowledge that connect to create even more. This is what I hope to do with the people who read my blog. 


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